Eunice Brownlee is our resident public speaker, and she really enjoys teaching from the stage. Whether the topic is marketing automation, mental health, or a great brie, she could probably talk for hours (but she won’t. Unless you really want that.) Here is a sample of the places she’s spoken and the variety of topics she’s shared.

Goddard Middle School
Career Day – Littleton, CO, December 2017.
Topic: What does a career in Marketing look like?

Ruffalo Noel Levitz
National Conference for Student Recruitment, Marketing and Retention – Denver, CO, July 2017.
Topic: Employing the customer journey model for student recruitment.

Digital Philanthropy & Millennial Engagement Conference — Atlanta, GA, October 2016.
Topic: Creating digital influencers for fundraising.

National Conference for Student Recruitment, Marketing and Retention — Boston, MA, July 2015.
Topic: Personalizing your marketing campaigns for effective recruitment.

IBM Amplify
Tampa, FL, May 2016.
Topic: Using marketing automation to build efficiency within your organization. (partial video)

San Diego, CA, May 2015.
Topic: Building your content library for marketing automation.

My Quiet Cave
Annual Gala — Denver, CO, May 2015.
Topic: Personal story on the effects of mental illness.

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