Let’s talk about segmenting, baby

If you’ve ever heard me talk about the number one marketing strategy you must employ, you know that I’m always going to tell you to segment and target your audience. Why? Because if your target market is everybody, it’s nobody. 

Today, I received an email from a vendor of mine that intrigued me. Because I’m going to pick on them a little bit, I’m going to let them stay anonymous. It was a last-minute invitation to attend an event they are hosting and hooked me by offering free lunch. Let’s take a look at the email: 

This email is great for a lot of reasons. The subject line got me to open it. They are inviting me to a free event where I will get to learn more about using their product and improving my workflow. It is short, sweet and to the point.

In addition, it has clearly been segmented and targeted to me based on a few factors:

  1. They know that I’m a WordPress user.
  2. They know that I’m a Salesforce user.
  3. They know where I’m located

Where this perfectly great email missed was that they invited me to an event in Atlanta. Tomorrow. I’m in Denver. As much as I like free food (and Atlanta), it’s going to be a bit ridiculous for me to try and fit in a lunch event when I also have to book a 3 hour flight to get there. 

I’m picking on this vendor because it is so very important that when you segment your list, you know exactly who is in that list, what they care about and where they are. It is possible that they have some bad information in their database for me and that’s why I got this email. Data integrity matters here, too. 

Being intimately involved in your data will allow you to segment and target your messaging in many ways. It is on a very rare occasion that you will email your entire list. When you segment your data properly, you will have a more engaged list, which leads to better open rates, better conversions, and bigger sales

When this shindig hits Denver, you know I’ll be the first to sign up. 

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