Google Analytics: Add User

In today's how-to, you'll learn how to add a new user in Google Analytics.

From an Admin account, select the site that you'd like to add a user to. Click on the "Admin" cog on the bottom right.


Click on "User Management" in the left column.


Click the "+" icon in the upper right.


Add the email address of the user you are adding. Please note: The user must have a Google-registered email address (Gmail or G-suite enabled email) to be able to use Google Analytics.


Select the account permissions you wish the user to have by checking the corresponding box below. Each level of permissions include all those below.

If you want to grant someone permission to manage other users, you must select that separately.


Click "Add" to complete adding a user.


Add the email address of the user you wish to add. Please note: the user must have an email address that is registered with Google (either gmail or a g-suite account) for you to add them.

In the upper right, click the large "+" icon to add a new user.

Click "User Management"

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