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All businesses subsist on a quality lead generation program. From solid social media plans and steady content generation to seemingly endless numbers of networking events, drawing out qualified leads can begin to feel a little stale.

Are you looking for fresh inspiration on where to find leads that are a little warmer than the cup of coffee that’s been on your desk since 8 AM? Sometimes it just takes a little innovation to place yourself in front of your right audience. Here are a few creative ways that we’ve successfully made new connections:

Host a webinar.

In our age of information sharing, webinars are a great way to spin yourself as a subject matter expert, as well as to provide an interactive experience for your audience near and far. Attending for a webinar is an act of engagement and a strong indicator of interest. When someone registers for a webinar, they are interested in the topic being presented and likely have a problem that they believe you have the solution to. Use the registration page to learn more about each attendee and personalize the content you present. Then, follow up with each contact and ensure that their expectations were met and their questions were all answered.

Bonus: You can use the playback as a content piece to continue to draw in leads after the webinar is over.

Write a guest blog.

Let’s face it—we love to consume content, no matter where we find it. Expanding your network by writing a guest post for an industry publication will not only put your name out there, but it will draw people back to you for more. As people read and digest the information you’ve shared with an affiliate, they’ll look to see what other complementary products or services you provide.

Extra: That link juice back to your website is golden for SEO.

Speak at an industry event.

Whether you’re speaking to a room of 20 or 2000, giving a live presentation is an excellent opportunity to share your story and inspire others. Q & A is where you will really shine as audience members who are most engaged will be ready to ask their burning questions. Use this as an opportunity to set 1:1 meetings with folks and work through their curiosity in a more personal setting.

Plus: If you’re at a conference or convention, you usually get a special badge that shows everyone you pass that you’re kind of a big deal. It’s a great conversation starter when you’re standing in line for lunch and start chatting up the guy behind you.

Feeling stuck in a rut? Let us help you with a marketing plan evaluation and come up with some ideas that will get that pipeline filled up.

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