What makes us different

Intensely curious about the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, our team contributes extensive experience and knowledge to address the complexities of marketing with small business clients. We seek to help clients solve both short- and long-term challenges by applying our expertise in a strategic manner.  

Meet the Team

We like to have fun and believe that when we create things, it should be to help others.


Eunice Brownlee

Owner & Chief Strategist

As the founder of The Collective, Eunice brings an integrated marketing background, including print, direct mail and email marketing.

After getting her start in marketing with real estate, she spent six years working in the higher ed industry, building automated campaigns and analytics. She was also a member of the UX council for IBM Marketing Cloud and was a certified business partner.

She has helped several other business owners find their voice and their niche in today’s competitive market. Eunice has adapted concepts such as personalized engagement, influencer marketing, and persona building to help clients in small business see big results. 

Eunice is passionate about her work and speaks regularly on marketing topics such as the buyer journey, digital philanthropy, marketing automation and personalized engagement. She also speaks on business topics, including the impostor syndrome, female entrepreneurship and finding your tribe.

When she’s not working, she’s hanging out with her 12-year-old daughter, raising money for a non-profit, traveling or drinking wine.


Brittany Shur

SEO & Digital Marketing Strategist

Brittany joins The Collective with her extensive experience in digital marketing.

Brittany has spent the past four years working with companies to enhance their digital footprint. Prior to going out on her own, she worked agency-side as a digital marketing director for real estate brokerages across the country.  Brittany worked closely with the leadership teams to develop marketing strategies to enhance lead generation and perfect the user experience on their websites.

Brittany is AdWords certified and proficient in setting up and optimizing digital campaigns. She also has experience with search engine optimization (SEO), including content creation to drive organic traffic.

She has co-authored several reports highlighting marketing trends and the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence on the digital landscape.

Brittany calls herself a data nerd and enjoys the challenge of analyzing numbers and campaigns to bring the highest ROI to her clients.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her rambunctions 1-year-old son and spending time with her husband.

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